LOGOS is a platform, Where users can create and run Bots on exchanges in LOGOS.

User Registration

User can register in to LOGOS with following details like

  • email

  • Name

  • Password

  • Referral code (Company referral code)


Please contact your Company provider to get referral code.

All of the above fields are mandatory.

After completing registration, you will receive an email. You must verify to login.

Click on Register Now button to get Registration page. Enter the required fields and click on Register.

Check your email inbox and click on Confirm Email

Click on Go to Login. Enter your Email and Password. Verify Captch and click on Login.

For Security purpose we have added IP restrictions for every IP change. So for every IP change we will be sending an email to verify your activity. To login you must verify that email.

Connecting to Exchange/ API Management:

Creating Exchange API:

To create a Bot first we need to create an Exchange API.

To create Exchange API we need to have an account in any supported exchanges like B2Z, Bitmart. For more details check here.

From exchange account we can create an API which will have API key and secret.

Click on Connect API then Enter Nick name, select exchange, enter API key, secret then click on Add Exchange API.

Exchange API will be added successfully and it will be displayed in the list.

Under one Exchange API we can create multiple bots.

We can Delete created Exchange API. We can't edit Exchange API.

Create Bot:

Click on Create new bot, Select Exchange(which you have already created API), Enter Bot name, *Delta per Trade (%), select coins (you can select up to 10 coins) then select coin pairs then click on Create Bot.

*Delta % means, % which user is trying to keep as Spread. it should be in between 1 to 10.for example if it is 1 it will calculated as 0.01

Important Note:

The Balance of pair should not be more than 30% beyond the average

For Example: I have selected BTC, USDT coins and pair will be BTC/USDT, the available balance of both coins should be less than 30% average.(I have available balance 2 BTC and 26855.56USDT where the average is 11% only)

You can select up-to 10 coins.

Created Bot will be displayed in the list.

To Run the Bot we have to Initialize the Bot and should take subscription.

Initializing the Bot :

Click on Initialize at the Bot or you can directly go to Subscription page and click on Initialize a Bot.

Select the Bot that you want to Initialize.

Enter the password and click on Submit then click on Purchase. Initialization bot will be successful.

After Initialization we need to take the Subscription

Click on Subscribe and select the subscription plan that you want to subscribe then select Bot, Enter password and click on Submit then click on Purchase. Subscription will be successful.

To Initialize bot and to subscribe we need to have balance in our wallet. We can Deposit using Deposit option in the wallet page.

Run Bot:

After taking subscription Start bot button will be enabled.

Click on Start, details will be displayed with start and close options, click on start.

Bot will be started successfully.

If you click on Bot it will display the details of orders as shown in below

We can Edit bot.

Click on Edit option, update the details which you want to update and click on Update Bot.

We can delete bot.

Click on Bot then bot information page will be displayed. There will be Delete Bot option at the bottom.


On successful registration Wallet will be created.

We can Deposit USDT into the wallet and we can Withdraw USDT from the wallet.

We can also check Transaction history in Wallet page.


Subscription history will be displayed in Subscription page.

Initialization of Bot and Subscription plans will be displayed.


Change Password:

We have to enter old password, new password and confirm new password and click on Submit.

Password will be successfully changed.

For Security purpose we need to enable 2FA.

Two factor authentication will be helpful for security.

To enable 2FA we need to have Google Authenticator app installed in our mobile.

Click on Enable 2FA, scan QR code/enter authentication code then enter authentication code and click on submit. 2FA will be enabled successfully.

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